Nov 25, 2013

Nothing like a good ol' classic!

I'm a sucker for classics, especially when it comes to shoes. Shoes can make or break a complete outfit and shoes - if they have some decent quality - last quite long, so I like to invest in them. That's exactly what I did when I bought these suede Clarks Desert Boots in a soft sand tone. Besides the fact - yes, fact! - that they look really cool, they are very comfortable to walk in as well. I mean, I like pretty shoes and high heels, but something I can appreciate more about a shoe is its comfortability and whether they can be worn with almost anything. I think these shoes can go with basically any outfit, which comes in handy when you need to throw something on really quickly. I'm very happy with these babies, what do you think about them?


I appreciate all your kind comments, thank you for passing by! X